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Head-turning sound

A tone that is matched to your vehicle, Arqray exhaust is often described as having a deep bassy tone that the company designed for U.S. buyers. Consideration is also given to the reality that sometimes you take longer trips, so the Arqray system also maintains the JASMA spec, providing your vehicle with a smooth and refined sound you can live with.

Track Tested
Chosen by Asada Racing as the system for their BMW Z4M GT race car; the Arqray system is track tested. With Euro Cup wins, Arqray refines its performance edge by maximizing each system’s flow characteristics and observing their designs on race-tuned vehicles.

Superior Engineering
When you spend money to upgrade your exhaust system, you are seeking more than performance and sound. You want assurance that you are buying superior engineering. Arqray does not disappoint. Starting with superior grade materials, each Arqray exhaust system is TIG welded by hand for durability and strength. Only the best materials are used, including SUS304 stainless steel and JIC grade-certified TP340 titanium, for weight-reduction and long life.

Intentional Design
The Arqray system that you choose is designed specifically for the make and model of your car. That would seem obvious from a configuration standpoint, but Arqray does more than make sure the system fits properly. Each Arqray exhaust system is matched to the performance characteristics of your ride to enhance those characteristics in terms of torque, engine displacement and sound.

For more than 30 years, Arqray has worked to perfect the best way to bend a pipe or baffle a muffler. They have been relentless in dyno tuning and track testing their products. They have a passion for the tuning market. Their experience benefits you with a performance exhaust system that is second to none.